Visual Studio Code Extensions Setup

Visual Studio has been one of my all time favorite text editors. This is Visual Studio Code Extensions Setup what I use.


Bracket pair colorizer 2

This extension is great for focusing on what block of code your looking in. I have some of the more verbose settings enabled so that I can see a lot of colors as I navigate through code. This is especially helpful when I have several nested functions or objects within each other.


I use this extension via the command palette a lot. Many times I need to transform a pascal case vue.js component into kebab case or vice versa.

Code spell checker

In the course of typing, I make a lot of spelling mistakes. This extension is a life saver. Plus it helps find little bugs due to typos.


ESLint is an essential extension for any JavaScript-based project. Getting all the settings to work are a pain in the ass sometimes, but I couldn't live without it.


This extension helps me align my tailwind classes in the same order without having to thing about it. It doesn’t seem like much, but the consistency of the order without having to think about is awesome.

Tailwind CSS intelliSence

IntelliSence is a great feature of VSCode. Why not have it know about my Tailwind classes? Very useful for remembering the number differences for spacing and colors.

Toggle quotes

This extension seems like it would be native to VSCode along with all the other text transformation tools. I can easily switch between single quotes, double quotes, and back ticks. I even like the default keyboard shortcut control + ‘.


Vetur gives you easy integration with all things Vue in VSCode. It's an essential extension for working with Vue projects. What are you waiting for, download this package right now!


I've used the vscode-icon set since I started using Visual Studio Code. I'm so used to them now, I don't want to switch.

Vue vscode snippets

The best snippet package for Vue.js. I sometimes forget the format of certain features because this package has so many good snippets.

Quick and simple text selection

I've used this extension so much I thought it was baked into VSCode! It makes selecting text within characters—think '', "", [], and ()—a keyboard shortcut away. When I have to do a lot of irregular find and replace tasks, this extension haves my life.

Text Marker

Sometimes I need to highlight a piece of code to copy, refactor, delete, etc. This extension does the trick! I try to use it sparingly and clear all highlights when I'm done.


Victor mono was my most used font in 2019. Along with the ligatures and the cursive italic variant, the large x-height makes it easy for me to read.

If it works well for you, consider donating to the creator.


I like color themes. I like having a lot of color themes to choose from. I like light themes for when the sun is out and there is a glare from the window. I like dark themes for the rest of the time.

I tried to stick with one theme for a little while, but I can never make one last. So I keep a handful around and change whenever I feel like it—the cmd + k cmd + t shortcut is handy for quick switching.


A classic blue and yellow theme from Wes Bos. I tend to not use it, as I think it's too bright for me. But it has a great highlight search color when doing a "Find in files".


Great dark theme with purples and pinks. This theme puts a solid vertical pink line between editors when you're in split mode, which I really like. So when I am working with two or three splits for long periods of time, I switch to this theme.

Monokai pro

This theme costs money, but there is a free trial. I'd say it is well worth it since it comes with an icon theme—which I don't use. This is my "home base" theme. I might not use it all the time, but I always come back to it eventually.

Light owl

My favorite light theme. Just enough color to be nice, but everything is still readable. It comes with Night Owl, so a two for one situation.

Night owl

A great theme for late night coding. Sarah Drasner really put a lot of TLC into this theme.

Overnight Slumber Italics

I haven't used this theme very much, but I like the peach and purple vibe of this theme. I think I like the "slumber" alternative better than the base theme.

SynthWave '84

SUPER POP COLORS! When I really need to tell the difference between variables and functions, I turn on this theme. I don't turn on the custom glow CSS because glow is very distracting to me.

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